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SFR Enterprises offers a full line of racing gasoline, formulas and accessories for all your fuel needs no matter what type of racing you partake in - drag, short track, endurance, road, karting, drifting, mud bogging, truck and tractor pulling, motocross and boating. Whether you're a professional, amateur, crew, street tuner or lover of all things speed-related, SFR is here to meet your needs. From Elizabeth City, North Carolina to Williamsburg, Virginia, SFR Enterprises is the premier retailer for Sunoco fuels.

Sunoco 260 GTX
(98 Octane - Unleaded)
RON: 102 MON: 94 (R+M)/2: 98)

For more detonation protection than street gas when lead can't be used. Good, repeatable power in engines up to 12:1. Will tolerate more compression in engines with modern, efficient combustion chambers. Does not harm FI system sensors. An excellent choice where oxygenates such as ethanol are banned.
Sunoco 260 GT
(100 Octane - Unleaded)
RON: 105 MON: 95 (R+M)/2: 100)

Street legal unleaded for high performance street cars, muscle cars, classics, street rods, motorcycles, karts and marine applications. This fuel will allow significantly increased boost levels in supercharged or turbocharged engines. Safe with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and two-stroke motors.
Sunoco 260 GT Plus
(104 Octane - Unleaded)
RON: 109 MON: 99 (R+M)/2: 104)

One of the highest octane unleaded racing gasolines available! Highly oxygenated for max performance in classes which allow high dielectric fuels and is an excellent choice for modern computer-controlled applications which cannot otherwise tolerate lead. Recommended for applications up to 12:1.
Sunoco Standard
(110 Octane - Leaded)
RON: 115 MON: 105 (R+M)/2: 110)

All-purpose leaded racing fuel with a winning heritage; provides quality, performance, and consistency for ease of tuning. It is ideal for virtually all forms of motorsports, including circle track, drag, motorcycle, road racing, off-shore powerboat and off-road. Designed for competition engines up to 13:1.
Sunoco Supreme
(112 Octane - Leaded)
RON: 114 MON: 110 (R+M)/2: 112)

True high performance leaded racing fuel for sophisticated race engines which routinely function between 7k and 10k rpm. Low sensitivity to achieve a high MON for increased protection against detonation. Recommended for two- and four-stroke applications up to 15:1.
Sunoco MO2X
(112 Octane - Leaded/ Oxygenated)
RON: 115 MON: 109 (R+M)/2: 112)

For small displacement, high rpm and compression engines. Recommended for compression ratios up to 15:1. Ideal for motorcycles, snowmobiles, and min-cup cars. Will improved throttle response and protection against detonation at high load and rpm.
HCR Plus
(114 Octane - Leaded)
RON: 118 MON: 110 (R+M)/2: 114)

Ultra high performance for racing engines with very high compression ratios and sustained high load/high rpm conditions. Contains no oxygenates and is very resistant to vapor lock. Recommended for four-stoke engines exceeding 14:1.
Sunoco Maximal
(116 Octane - Leaded)
RON: 118 MON: 114 (R+M)/2: 116)

For exceptionally high performance engines generating high cylinder pressures. Recommended for engines up to 17:1. Has a very narrow distillation curve and a low final boiling point to improve thermal combustion efficiency at high engine speeds. This provides a fast burn for a more complete combustion in excess of 10k rpm.
Sunoco MaxNOS
(116 Oct - Leaded/Oxygenated)
RON: 119 MON: 114 (R+M)/2: 116)

Similar to Maximal, but particularly beneficial in nitrous, supercharged, and turbocharged applications. More robust and better suited to extreme combustion environments then the former Supreme NOS.
Sunoco FR
(96 Octane - Unleaded/ Oxygenated)
RON: 102, MON: 90, (R+M)/2: 96)

Formulated to meet FIA and FIM specs, FR is used as a control fuel in the British F3 & GT, UK SEAT Cupra, & Club F3 Championships. Performs well in turbocharged engines, as well as air-restricted naturally aspirated engines. Will not harm oxygen sensors and can be used in any application requiring a 95+ octane unleaded fuel. Recommended for compression ratios as high as 12.5. For engines which are 'starved of air' you will be amazed by the increase in torque and acceleration!
Sunoco RMR
(94 Octane - Unleaded/ Oxygenated)
RON: 100, MON: 89, (R+M)/2: 94)

A popular choice in Europe where it has been race proven in high revving two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Containing 2.7% oxygen, it allows cooler running that generates extra power. Works equally well in naturally aspirated and turbocharged applications. The control fuel of racing organizations such as Mini Challenge, Legends 600, Radicals, Ginetta JR, Dunlop SportMax Cup, and BSB support classes. It is also used successfully by Honda and Suzuki motocross teams.
Sunoco CF
(96 Octane - Unleaded/ Oxygenated)
RON: 102, MON: 90, (R+M)/2: 96)

Complies with fuel regulations limiting oxygen content to 2.7%. Designed to meet FIA regulations, it also conforms to current European regulations for pump fuel. This super clean burning, ultra low sulphur and benzene free fuel has already proven a huge success in both car and motorcycle racing. Fast burning properties allows faster increases in revs then other similar racing fuels. The control fuel for British F3 International Series, British GT and the Britcar MSA Endurance Championships.
Sunoco E-85R
(99 Octane - Unleaded/ Oxygenated)
RON: 102, MON: 90, (R+M)/2: 96)

Contains 85 percent ethanol. Highly oxygenated which requires increased fuel flow compared to conventional non-oxygenated fuels, it can only be used in fuel systems designed specifically for E85. Blended to consistently contain 85% ethanol. Conventional E85 can vary from 68% to 79%, and can also vary seasonally; the composition of Sunoco E85-R race fuel does not change.

99.99% pure VIRGIN automotive grade methanol. We do not sell lesser priced "recycled" or "industrial" methanol's that contain trace fibers or harmful impurities. We believe what goes into our customers machines needs to be the best available on the market.

99.95%+ pure. This is the highest quality Nitromethane available. Tenths of a point in purity really make a difference. Impurities such as nitroparaffins, nitroethane, and nitropropane can harm an engine. You WILL experience more power, greater speed and more wins using ProNitro.
Super Blue 007

More fuel in the cylinder equals an explosion of power! The additive of choice for the racer that needs an edge. When mixed with any of our premium race fuels this additive insures a 10-12% power boost that will thrust you far ahead of your competition. Super Blue 007 creates 3-5% more power then regular Propylene Oxide at about the same cost.
Propylene Oxide

Propylene oxide actually increases a fuels' oxygen content which means measurably increased power. Propylene Oxide is guaranteed to work with any fuel. Engine adjustments are NOT needed; simply mix 1 quart to 3 gallons of fuel and immediately begin to reap the benefits.
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